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Freshman error

Quote of the day: “Well, there’s a difference between cumming and orasming…” –dinner last night

I’ve convinced Andrew that it’s a good idea for us to have people around to dinner on Saturday evenings that we’re both in town–somewhat shockingly, that only seems to be 5 or 6 Saturdays per quarter. Last night was our first go. We had Tab, Julie and David over. We started with a salad with toasted pumpkin seeds, caramelised shallots and goat’s cheese, followed by beef stew (yummy but the steak didn’t get tender enough), mashed potatoes, and a stir fried sugar snap pea/butternut squash/cubed pancetta concoction.

True to form, we drank ourselves into a tizzy. I think it was something like a bottle of wine per person plus vodka/gin/scotch afterwards. And then I made a freshman error: moving farther from my bed after 11pm. (Note to self: do a post on drinking rules). We left the flat after midnight for The Winchester, where we drank and danced and (I think) left at around 4.30am. Ouch.

Anyway, the night didn’t end there, because Andrew’s mobile got knicked. So when we got home we had to file a police report and get it bricked through tech support at work, etc. We ended up getting to bed around 6.30am. Way too late for my old self. So today I had a lie in, and then we went to lunch at Villandry with Aaron. Their truffle & parmesan chips are fantastic. My burger was good, too, but Andrew’s chicken & bacon sandwich was meh, and the service was…below meh. Oh well.

Gonna grab a quick nap now, and then we’re heading to Richmond for dinner.

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