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An open plea to marketers

To anyone who will listen: I *hate* remarketing. Not just a little bit. A lot. I find it as annoying as pop-ups. It’s akin to a someone working in a shop following me around and saying “I saw you looked at that towel. Are you sure you don’t want that towel?” repeatedly. If I wanted […]

Rules for invitations

I promised to include a series of posts on rules for a more satisfying [modern] life. So far I’ve done posts on bicycling and drinking, and a more general post on the concept of paintballable offences. So here’s one on invitations, Rsvps and events. In my personal experience, it has always seemed as if the advent […]

Rules for drinking

When I headed off to university, my mother didn’t tell me not to drink. Or even not to drink too much. Obviously both would be futile when advising a university student anywhere in the world at any point in history. So instead, she gave me my first rule of drinking: 1) Only drink when you […]

Paintballable offences

In my Rules for Bicycling post I mentioned paintballable offences, so I thought I’d provide a little bit more detail on what I meant by those. The basic problem, as I see it, is this: in our modern world (or at least in our modern metropolis), there aren’t enough societal units through which people can […]

Rules for Bicycling

Since 2008, Andrew and I have bicycled to and from work about 80% of the time. It’s about 23 minutes each way (depending on which lights we miss), which is a great, disconnected transition period between work and life. The marginal increase in physical activity has also been good for my waist line (and really […]

The only rules that matter

Overheard: “it’s so much better doing things neatly and properly, even stupid things.” -the (fictional) dowager duchess of denver So in my first post back, I warned that some of my posts would be rules for a satisfying life. I have more opinions on how to live a happy and satisfying life than any thirty-year-old should. […]

In which I attempt to revive the blog

Newsflash: I’m married now. In not-totally-unrelated news, I have resolved to resume blogging. So here we are. Those of you who have known me for a while may remember that I had a blog before there were blogs. I started it in August 2000. It has been more or less dormant since I came down […]