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Let’s play dress up


Because it’s Lent, darling

Last night of honeymoon

Did I mention it’s pretty here?

I’m on a boat

We got up early today–7.30–and had a quick breakfast at the hotel before heading down to the central beach for our sea kayaking. It was pretty great. We were in a tandem kayak. There were 2 other kayaks on our trip (a family from Joburg whose daughter is at boarding school in Stirling). It turns […]

Happy Thanksgiving

One of my favourite things about this country has always been that it’s often difficult, based on weather alone, to determine whether it’s December or February or July or September. In previous years, that consistent weather has always been low clouds, heavy drizzle and a permeating chill. This year that┬ácharacteristic and charming weather has still […]


One of the materials they use for paving London streets uses a finer-grained material than the others. It’s used for surfacing bike & bus lanes, but I’ve also noticed that there are a few places, like where High Holborn meets Drury Lane. Anyway, I’ve noticed this alternate paving surface because when someone drives over a […]