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I’m on a boat

We got up early today–7.30–and had a quick breakfast at the hotel before heading down to the central beach for our sea kayaking. It was pretty great. We were in a tandem kayak. There were 2 other kayaks on our trip (a family from Joburg whose daughter is at boarding school in Stirling). It turns out I’m rubbish at steering a sea kayak.  I got better over time, but it’s definitely NOT in my primary skill set. It didn’t help that the rudder was very far from true, but most of the blame must lie with me.

Thankfully, that meant that what should have been an 8-mile round trip to the Robberg Peninsula was probably more like 11 miles. We were like a little photon, moving in a wave and being particulate. We saw a penguin and several seals en route, and when we got to the peninsula we were able to get quite close to the rocks where around 30,000 seals live. They don’t smell great, but they’re tons of fun to watch.

I suspect I’ll be pretty sore tomorrow.

For lunch we went to the Lookout Deck, which (for being an obvious tourist trap) was actually very good. We had a fantastic view from our table, and we even saw two men catch (and return) a ray. Srsly. We shared some somosas and spring rolls. Andrew had a seared tuna salad & a cheeseburger. I had a halloumi salad and seared tuna. We both had beers.

We then drove to bungee jumping (which Andrew wanted to do), but there was no room for us at the inn, so we gave birth to our first born son, wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and lay him in a manger.

Not really, we just headed back to the hotel. We both had great naps, and then Andrew went for a run. We headed back into Plett for diner at Cornuti al Mare. They told us it was going to be an hour wait, but thankfully it was more like 20 minutes. Andrew had a GIANT chicken salad to start, and then a ‘Mexican’ pizza. I started with zucchini fritti, and then had veal picatta. Everything was delicious, especially our second try at a South African bubbly: Giselle Method Cap Classique 2009. The service was quite good too.

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