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Up in the trees

We slept in today. In fact, I got in trouble for letting Andrew sleep in while I read The Art of Racing in the Rain. But he looked to be enjoying his sleep so so much. Anyway, he ended up waking at 10.30, well after when the hotel stopped serving breakfast. We drove to Stormsriver Village to do a canopy tour. The drive there was definitely the prettiest part of the Garden Route we’ve seen.

The tours are run by a really interesting social enterprise–which is a complicated way of saying that the activity included lunch at a locally owned and run restaurant. Since we were 90 minutes early, we then walked around the (very small) village. The zip line tour was enjoyable. It was certainly a different view on the forest. There were 10 lines–some fast, some slow; some long, some short. We saw¬†chameleons and lots of different types of birds, but thankfully no snakes. We were with an Indian family from Joburg, but we didn’t talk to them all that much. It wasn’t nearly athletic enough for Andrew.

We went straight from Stormsriver into Plett for dinner. We tried at first to go to a place called the fu.shi, which (as I said in my Google Places¬†review) had the worst service I’ve ever experienced at a restaurant. We waited 30 minutes without being seated and given menus and no one ever came back to speak to us. So after 2 drinks (which we’d already paid for at the bar) we left. Shocking.

Every dark cloud, though: we went across the street to The Table, which was very good. We had and Unplugged 62 Shiraz (of which I drank far too much). Andrew had a pasta with shrimp and squid. I had a pasta with ham & a cream sauce. Very good, though I will saw there are WAY too many pizza/pasta joints in South Africa. We must start deliberately avoiding them.

Now we’re back home and Andrew is jumping rope out on our balcony.

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