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Back in Cape Town

Another late one last night, so I’m posting this morning. We got up relatively early yesterday and had our breakfast at the hotel before packing it all up and into the car and headed off for Cape Town.

This, as some of you will know, is a 6 hour drive. And since Andrew had driven it just a few days before, I offered to drive on the way back…on one condition: that we listen to Ani DiFranco. He said no. Sigh. So he drove the 6 hours back to Cape Town.

This time we’re staying at a guest house called The Clarendon, in Bantry Bay. It’s fantastic. That link will show you some pictures, but when we get home and collate all our photos I’ll put some more up as well. It has a great view of the Atlantic, and the pool is nice, and our shower is giant, and there are floor-to-ceiling window/door things. We’re really enjoying it.

We walked down to Clifton 3rd beach to check out the scene, after which Andrew went for a run along the water and I walked back to the house. After his run (at which point he was STARVING) we walked down to Salt, where we were having dinner. Dinner was very good. And salty (not the food…but the air: it’s perched on a cliff just above the water). Andrew had a caprese tart followed by salmon. I had delicious mustard-encrusted quail followed by even more delicious duck confit. We had a bottle of Harte Riesling that was very good, as well as a glass of South African dessert wine.

After dinner we went to a bar called Amsterdam, where we met strangers who knew some of our coworkers in Hamburg and Berlin. That was fun. And we ended up at the same place we ended up on NYE, but had less fun this time. Also we went to bed far too late for my taste, but oh well.

Breakfast this morning was great. They even put cheese in my scrambled eggs for me.

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