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In which I attempt to revive the blog

Newsflash: I’m married now. In not-totally-unrelated news, I have resolved to resume blogging. So here we are. Those of you who have known me for a while may remember that I had a blog before there were blogs. I started it in August 2000. It has been more or less dormant since I came down from Oxford, and–due to an unfortunate incident in which I corrupted a MySQL database last year–I’ve lost the dozen or so posts since January 2008.

I have long blamed my failure to blog on lack of time. Not lack of time to write individual posts. That, really, is easy to find. But since having started to work in 2006, I haven’t had ¬†(or perhaps I should say I haven’t taken) ¬†enough time in daily life to reflect on my experiences. My failure of reflection has more practical consequences, as well. I’ve found that I forget more things since I began to work, and not just little things. I have more trouble remembering the things and experiences that I value the most.

And so here I am, making a conscious effort to be more present and more intentional. I hope that the revival of my blog will be a byproduct of that effort.

For the time being, I intend to focus on 3 different types of posts: updates (similar to the bulk of my old blog), observations (on everything from Ignatian spirituality to urban planning) and rules for a satisfying life (though I should say that my rules tend to be descriptive rather than prescriptive). In all cases I should warn you against expecting wit or wisdom. In reality, the posts will be like listening to me drone on about something or other…only in written form.

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