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Halfway through 2 weeks off

Today is¬†Andrew¬†& my first mensiversary. Noteworthy statistics about our first 31 days of marriage: We’ve spent 8 days together, secured 3 new UK residence permits, flown 24,400 miles & slept in 6 cities. Win.

My sister Amanda, meanwhile, got married 9 days ago, so Andrew and I headed to Spokane for the wedding. We’ve got a work thing in California that begins next Monday, too. So while Andrew headed back to London to work for two weeks (and then to go to Terrence’s wedding in western Massachusetts this upcoming Saturday), I opted to take two weeks off. I may be wrong, but I think this is the only time since starting work 5 years ago that I’ve had a solid fortnight’s holiday. And I think I like it.

I’m not doing anything fancy. I spent the first week in Spokane hanging out with my parents and our dog, reading, killing late summer bees, and buying too much stuff on Amazon (what else is new?). On Friday I was going to take a train from Spokane to Seattle (it leaves at 2am and takes over 8 hours!), but the cold I’ve had for the past couple weeks told me it didn’t want me staying up all night on a train. So I flew.

I rented a car in Seattle, picked up Amanda, and came up to the new beach, stopping for a burrito (obvs) on our way up. Troy joined us later that evening. The weather on Friday and Saturday was glorious, so we went to the Camano Island open farm day, and saw alpacas and lots and lots of squash. Then Amanda made delicious brazilian cheese balls, which were fantastic. Sunday, our cousins Louis, Stephen and Jen came up for dinner, along with Stephen & Jen’s adorable daughter Lucy and their GIANT dog Hugo. Hugo is honestly 25 times the size of Guster. We had meatloaf (two kinds!) and salad and rice crispy treats.

Alas, Troymetheus and Amanda had to return to Seattle for work this week. And the weather has turned. So I’m sitting in the cabin looking out at wind and rain and thinking I should read a million books. I’ve finished two of the three I brought with me, though. Thankfully the chances of my survival are bolstered by (a) tons of leftovers in the fridge and (b) my aunts’ obsession with mystery novels, which means there are a coupe hundred books to choose from in the cabin.


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