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An open plea to marketers

To anyone who will listen: I *hate* remarketing. Not just a little bit. A lot. I find it as annoying as pop-ups. It’s akin to a someone working in a shop following me around and saying “I saw you looked at that towel. Are you sure you don’t want that towel?” repeatedly. If I wanted the towel, I would have bought it. If you offer me a 40% discount, I may reconsider. Otherwise it’s just obnoxious.

The most annoying thing: I really like personalized ads. I think they make my experience across the web much better. And I hate that the only way I have to get rid of remarketing is to opt-out of seeing ads that are actually relevant. The towel I decided to buy is no longer relevant to me, and whenever I notice a brand remarketing to me, it goes on a black list of places I won’t shop in the future.

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