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Heading home

Andrew and I are flying back to London this evening. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been in America since the 14th of September, and if I’m not hanging out with my family (and I’ve spent almost the whole of the past fortnight without them), I don’t really have much patience for being away from London. I’ve found, by the way, that home is the name I give wherever I’m not. When I’m in London, going home is Spokane. And when I’m in Spokane, going home is London.

Last night Andrew and I had dinner with his sister Liz, our friends Pete & Ali, and my cousin Christine and her husband Guy. We went to a place in Dogpatch called Serpentine, and the food was really fantastic. More importantly, the company was delightful. I couldn’t have enjoyed me evening more. And then Liz was kind enough to drive us all the way back to Sunnyvale. We lucked out.

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