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Jet Lagged

My jet lag finally hit last night. With a vengeance. Two days after landing, I found myself exhausted at about 8pm. I crawled into bed to read at 9, and was asleep soon thereafter. I had crazy dreams. One was about going to a rugby game, and having to climb up the outside of the stadium, which was fine until the edge got too narrow and Andrew had to save me (thanks!). Another dream involved my grandmother, and a third involved getting a rash on my right forearm.

Anyway, my 11 hours of sleep last night made me realise a flaw in my grand plan of living in England: my jet lag always goes the wrong direction. When I back to the left coast of the US (which is as often to see my family or go to The Beach as it is to visit work HQ), my jet lag has me up at 4am for several days. Not great on holiday. Conversely, when I return to the UK, my jet lag makes me want to sleep late into the day. Not great for heading back to work.

Anyway, just a short update for today. Gotta get some of that work done.

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