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Mexico City!

I’m in Mexcio City this week for a big privacy conference. It also turns out I’m wicked jet-lagged. It was over eleven hours in the air, with a six-hour time difference (that expanded to seven since both Mexico and the UK ended daylight savings time on Saturday night). So here I am, sitting in my hotel room, awake since 3am. Possibly going to try a little nap here in a moment, but wanted to get an update drafted first.

Last week was, on the whole, manic. So is this week. And next week (when I lose 3 days to an internal planning summit). And the week after (when I lose 1 day to a conference and 2 days to a trip to Munich). And the week after that (when I lose 2 days to Thanksgiving). So November is likely to be a blur, possibly made more stressful by the fact that I’m about to have my first full-time direct report. So it’s time to learn some managerial skills.

On Thursday I did an interview with the BBC World Service and had a big privacy meeting later in the day. After work. My friend David and I went to the Old Red Lion in St James’s, where we bumped into some other friends, Dave & Bea. We went from thence to dinner and then for a night cap. It is safe to say that I got more inebriated than is advisable on a Thursday, and felt worse for the wear on Friday.

Friday did, however, bring dinner with Luke & Jessica, always a pleasure. We went to Le Garrick, where the food was delicious as ever, but the service was below par for them. Oh well. We got home around 11pm and watched the Charlie Brown Halloween special. Saturday Andrew & I grabbed breakfast at the Wolseley before I headed to the airport.

Yesterday I indulged in a particularly delicious breakfast at the hotel. The omelet bar guy also makes quesadillas! They also had the delicious tortilla & egg combo that I like so much at No Name Cafe, and a giant bowld of guacamole. I may never leave. After breafast, I had a short wander around the old centre of the city, during which I went to mass, visited templo mayor, and bought some dental floss. When I got back to the hotel, I fully intended to head out for street food after a little nap. But my nap at 3pm extended through the night, and so here I find myself, jet lagged and overly productive for the ungodly hour.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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