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This is what happens…

I go back to work–an offsite week even–and I immediately stop updating the blog. Typical. I need to (and I will) carve out more time for thinking, reflecting and sharing though. And this is an important barometer of how that process is going.

I’m in California this week for our team offsite. In another life we would have called it a retreat. In fact, it would benefit from involving more retreat-like aspects. But there you have it.

On Sunday after I cleaned the beach house up (in anticipation of my mother arriving there on Monday), I drove down to Seattle for lunch with Amanda & Troymetheus.We had some very delicious pizza, and then I took the light rail down to SeaTac.

On the plus side, the flight to SJC is a quick one, at about 2 hours. On the minus side, I was in a middle seat! I know that about 1/3 of a full plane will be in middle seats, but it’s shocking how infrequently it happens to me. Thankfully, I have my superpower: sleeping on planes. I drifted off somewhere around the safety demonstration, and woke up as the plane was landing. So that was fine, then.

When I arrived at the hotel, I found myself feeling incredibly social (possibly a by-product of having spent 7 days all alone). Andrew wasn’t landing for another 4 hours, so after a walk to the nearest grocery store (brace yourselves for a future post on how awful suburbs are), I sat in the hotel lobby saying hi to other people from the team as they arrived. The growth of our team is pretty amazing…certainly in the 5 years since I started working, but even in the last 12 months. Pretty cool.

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