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What a week

“Blake Glover, 30, a stylist, said that he and his partner, Austen Sydara, 23, a retail buyer, imagined a wedding with a “Brideshead Revisited” theme, because they loved the movie.” -Here come the (stylish) grooms [NYTimes]

Yes, and it ended so well for the Marchmains…and Charles, for that matter. Even the first, halcyon section of the book begins with the epigram Et in arcadia ego. It does offer up some fantastic quotes, but they mostly derive from the pathos of the story.

This week has been excruciating. For one thing, it went awfully slowly for my being so busy. For another, I was in Milan on Wednesday. For a third, it took me several days just to recover, after having put myself so thoroughly hors de combat last Satuday night. Anyway, I had coffee with David on Tuesday to relive the horrors of Saturday and attempt a collaborative reconstruction of events. As far as we can tell, we left the Winchester at about 4. He very kindly lent me his scarf as we drunkenly stumbled/rambled our way down Upper Street. At some point we ran into Andrew, at which point we put David in a taxi and continued our stumble home. I have other hazy recollections that are embarrassing but not illegal. That is all.

Anyhow, Sunday we got a Zip Car and drove to Richmond for dinner at Tati & Sam’s. We underestimated the amount of time it would take to drive, though, which was lame of us. But we had ribs & home made apple pie. It was great.

Monday and Tuesday were a busy blur. Wednesday I was in Milan. Thursday morning I got some work done but the afternoon was dominated by endless back to back meetings. I launched “The New Grid” (the internal productivity tool I’ve been building for the past several months), though, which was nice.

Thursday evening I did double dinner duty: first with Mike, whom I hadn’t seen since a couple weeks before the wedding, which is awfully lame of us. We went to a Japanese place called Toku on lower Regent Street, which was good (and cheap considering the quality). Then Andrew and I met Levi at our old standby Chilango, at which point we were too exhausted to do anything else, and we went to bed happy.

Yesterday I worked from home, which was a necessary expedient so that I could rapidly identify and fix bugs in the new grid. After that, I went to meet Andrew, Ryan and Carlos in Soho for a drink. All in all, a busy and middling sort of week, I guess.


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