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Things have seemed extraordinarily busy of late. I used to think that December was over once it has started since there were so many things to do. This year, that manic end-of-year rush seems to have expanded to include the whole of the fourth quarter.

Part of the feeling may be a hangover from the wedding: in July and August, I feel like we spent a disproportionate amount of time putting off socializing in anticipation of the wedding (note that I don’t say planning the wedding, since it’s obvious we didn’t spend much time at all doing that). Then we were more or less out of the country for the six weeks that followed, after which point we were well into October.

Nor does it seem likely to let up any time soon. For every week in recent memory, I’ve been trying to squeeze 5 days of work into 2 days of office time. That’s not really sustainable. And yet this week I’m in Brussels today and taking Thursday and Friday off to give thanks (hurrah!). Next week I’m in Oxford Thursday & Paris on Friday. The week after that Andrew is in Paris for two nights, then we’re taking a day off for the Varsity Match and then we’re heading to York to celebrate my birthday. And the week after that I’ve got one day in Oxford, and I’m heading home at the end of the week. Nor are things likely to get more settled after Christmas: we’re on honeymoon for the first 3 weeks of January, then I’ve got a week in the office, after which I’m spending two weeks in California and then a couple days in Dublin. So I’ll basically be back in London in mid-February. Sigh.

I shouldn’t complain, of course. I know I’m lucky to have any job (let alone an interesting and fulfilling one) in this economy. But I do wish I could have a bit more of a routine. Also, since Andrew and I are now in active house-hunting mode, it would provide valuable time to find a permanent place to live.

The weather continues to be fantastic (we’re apparently on course for the driest November in 300 years), and we’ve been making the most of it. I went for drinks at 6 St Chad’s Place with my high school friend Mikey on Friday evening, and then dinner at the Fellow. I went for a run Saturday morning, and then Andrew and I went and fought with our bank (the lesson: just deposit dollar cheques in your US bank account and then make a transfer), and then we went to the V&A with Tamson before cooking dinner for Dottie, Emma and Bianca.

Sunday was more relaxed. We went to Luke & Jessica’s place for brunch with Simon, and then for coffee. Then I headed home to read while Andrew went to the gym. En route, I picked up a bottle of  Glenlivet 16 year Nadurra cask strength. Yum.

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