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Onward to Joburg

So begins the penultimate leg of our honeymoon. Today we flew from Cape Town up to Johannesburg. We’re here for two nights before we head to Mauritius on Saturday.

We got up at about 8 and read for a little bit before packing and then heading to breakfast. We’ll miss Franschhoek a lot, but move we must. Our only complaint, in the end, was that the A/C in our room didn’t work all that well, so it was hot sleeping. First world problems. Sigh.

Anyway, we drove back to Cape Town airport and listened to a Savage Love podcast. Always enjoyable. That said, it served as a reminder of why, next time we rent a car on holiday, we’ll get something with a rather bigger engine. It would have been nice to have been able to accelerate enough to pass people.

When we got to the lounge, we each had a massage. That was nice. And then we hung out until our flight, which was pleasant and relatively empty. On the approach to Joburg we flew through/into a really cool thunder storm.

Johannesberg is much much greener than I expected. Our friend (and coworker) Julie recommended a driver for us, who took us along to the Westcliff Hotel, which is awfully nice in an old-worldy sort of way. Bizarrely, they thought we had booked two hotel rooms (we hadn’t). On the plus side, they knew it was our honeymoon and we had a bottle of bubbly waiting for us in our room when we got there…we also had a nice card addressed to Mr & Mr House (win!). Anyway, the room is nice, and the view is lovely, but the decor might not be exactly our style:

Andrew went to the gym, and then Keats came and met us at the hotel and helped us drink the bubbly, and then he took us to Thomas Maxwell in Parkmore. The food was very good, but Andrew wasn’t feeling so hot, so he didn’t eat much. He had a salad with halloumi to start, followed by a rabbit & sausage pasta. I had¬†gazpacho and a fillet. Keats had steak tartare and something else I obviously wasn’t paying enough attention to.

Anyway, despite Andrew not feeling great, it was a very nice meal. ¬†Joburg…jury is still out. It seems one must drive everywhere in this city, and that’s one of my least favourite things, but the food was great and it’s wonderful to see Keats.

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