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I flew home from Mexico City on Friday night. BA doesn’t have a lounge in MEX, so I got to pick between the lounges for Iberia, Mexican and American. The latter was out of the running immediately since I don’t believe in drinks vouchers in an airline lounge, but I ended up in the Iberia lounge mostly because it was on the 1st (rather than the 3rd) floor. There was a lift, but I figured in the event of a fire the 1st floor would be safest. I’ve never known such a high proportion of the people in a lounge. Honestly about half of them had been at the conference…which does beg the question of funding.

Anyway, I skipped dinner and went to sleep as soon as we took off. The flight was about nine and a half hours, so I wasn’t feeling too bad when I woke up with 90 minutes left in the flights. We landed 15 minutes early, but it took us 30 minutes to get off the plane because something went wrong with the jetway. I shared a car back to Clerkenwell with the PI folks, which was a pleasant enough way to end the journey.

Andrew was jumping rope when I got home, and after a quick shower, we jumped in a taxi to Brixton for lunch at Dottie’s. The invitation was at 2.30 for 3. We showed up at 3.45, but with good wine in tow, so we were forgiven. Delicious roasted pork bellow followed. I’m still savouring it. Sykes & Jo & Dottie & Emma & Bianca were our dining mates, and it was a lovely afternoon. In the evening–when they all headed to Battersea to watch the fireworks–we went to Shoreditch for our coworker Michael’s engagement drinks. Then we came home and watched an episode of Downton.

My jet lag has be getting up at about 3.45 and then being tired enough to sleep again around 5.15 (aka now). That happened yesterday too, so I went back to bed yesterday and slept until almost 11. Today I’m not so lucky, since I need to go to the gym in an hour, so there’s not much point in going back to sleep. Oh well. I’ll go to bed early tonight.

Anyway, we met more of the Oxford crew yesterday for lunch at Mem & Laz–Tab, Akin, Ali, Rohit, Dots, Bianca, Tony, Emma and us. As always, the food was good and the value was great. So that made 2 of 2 lunches this weekend that ended after the sun set. I love autumn. Actually, the consensus weather complaint at lunch yesterday was that it’s still too warm. I’m not sure I agree with that, but it was nice to return to a London whose leaves had (finally) begun to fall.

Finally–the title of this post is a reference to the fact that I can grow a much more convincing beard than I  can a moustache. It turns out my facial hair is a little bit too light for a moustache to be convincing. So I’m growing a beard for the time being, and perhaps eventually I’ll shave off everything except the upper lip. We’ll see.

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