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New F!

First things first: we made it safely to Cape Town! Andrew is a champ for agreeing to drive our rental car. I need to improve my skills of a navigator. But otherwise things are great.

So, we flew down in first, which I’ll admit was a treat. And not only because Andrew and I each drank nearly our own volume in Comtes de Champagne. The food & wine onboard was, as always, fantastic. We both had pumpkin ravioli followed by a beef pie, and then the cheeses (insert cheeses/Jesus joke here), which were particularly good. I must track down the wine list, because both my port and Andrew’s vin santo were exquisite. Then we slept (obvs), and then we had breakfast (Andrew a smoked salmon & scrambled eggs thingy and I a full English).

Since the flight was on miles (plus my BA AmEx companion voucher), we could only get a ticket to Jo’burg at this time of year. So we spent about 4 hours in the Slow lounge at Jo’burg airport. It is, without question, the best 3rd-party lounge I’ve ever been in. Food was decent. Free booze. Nice decor. A barista. Generally great.

Flight to Cape Town was hot and croweded (we were back in coach), but we both slept the whole way. We picked up our rental car and made out way into town without incident. For our first stint in Cape Town we’re staying at the Protea Victoria Junction, in Der Waterkant…I figured if we had to spend New Year’s Eve with strangers, they might as well be gay strangers. The hotel is beautiful, as is our room (I’m particularly fond of the giant frosted-glass window that separates the room proper from the shower).

Anyway, tonight we went to a burger place near our hotel called Beefcakes, which my cousin Stephanie and her huband John went to their first night in Cape Town on honeymoon. To say it’s very gay would be a massive understatement. It’s camp as Christmas. But the burgers were legitimately good. We had nachos (middling). Andrew had a burger with cheddar, 2 patties, guac and salsa. I had a breakfast burger. Both were great. Then we headed to Crew Bar, where we danced for an hour. I called it short because I wanted to rest up before NYE, and so we’re just about to head to bed.

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