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Happy New Year

Oh wow. That was a night. I think we got home at 6.30am. I think. I know it was light. But there you go. I think I need some Advil and a nap. And then maybe I’ll face the day, but first: a recap of our first full day of honeymoon…

We got up at around 10.30. Luxuriously late unless you count the jet lag, which I do. We had breakfast in the Waterfront at Cafe San Marco. It was fine. Nothing to write home about. We split some grilled halloumi.  Andrew had scrambled eggs with parma ham, mozarella and tomato. I had an omelet with ham, cheese and tomatoes. And a caffe latte.

After breakfast we went to the gym in the hotel for a little vanity pump. Then we went to the pool party at the Glen Hotel. It was, without a doubt, the gayest thing I’ve ever done in my life. That said, there were lots of men with great bodies in skimpy swimsuits. So I didn’t complain. We got lost on the way there (well, not lost: Google Maps shows the marker for the hotel about a mile from where the hotel actually is). That was annoying, but as a result, we met a whole bunch of other saps who had relied on Google Maps to get them there. There were 5 of them, all from France and Germany, and it ended up being fortuitous, as they had tips on where to go later in the evening, and we ended up meeting up with them again later.

We were at the pool part from about 3.30 to 7. Shockingly neither of us got sunburned (thanks, liberally applied SPF 30!). We even met two gay couples from Seattle who are currently living in London.

After the pool party we got dinner at  a restaurant across from our hotel: Sloppy Sam. It was better than average. We got hummus and kofte to start, followed by a braised lamb shank for Andrew and a lamb stew for me.

Then we headed back to Crew Bar for their “Ibiza”-themed NYE party. The street was blocked off. There were [straight] gogo dancers all over the place. We started with jagerbombs (in honour of the wedding, obvs), but then stuck to beer. We danced for a while–it was awfully loud, so we were very glad to have remembered our earplugs. We ran into our new friends from the pool party, and they introduced us to other people, as well. Bizarrely, 3 different people came and asked to have their photo taken with us (?!).

When we eventually tired of dancing we went to a venue named after me for the rest of the night, but at that point everything turns into a bit of a blur.

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