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A world of pain

Yesterday was what one might call a world of pain. We went to a place in the Waterfront called Den Anker for lunch. The food was good but the service was abysmal. Andrew had goat’s cheese wrapped in cured bacon, followed by kingclip & pasta. I had cheese croquettes followed by steak tartare. It took almost 3 hours. Srsly.

After lunch we went the the aquarium (joy of ¬†joys!), but the length of lunch meant we missed the feeding of the penguins AND the sea turtles AND the sharks (sorrow of sorrows!). Still, we saw baby sea turtles (“Look, you’re really cute, kid, but I don’t know what you’re saying!”) AND box jellies AND baby rag tooth sharks AND giant crabs AND 2 typs of penguins aAND rays. And then outside we saw some seals on a dock.

We then went for a run together. I think I’ve had enough of this working out thing for the time being. Maybe hikes and outdoor activities and stuff, but no more running. It’s simply too hot here–I top out at 26c/79f.

We had dinner at Thai Cafe in the Cape Quarter. Solid but not outstanding. As always, we ordered about twice as much food as they thought we should, and they strenuously recommended we reduce our order, but we showed them. We had a larb gai, mussaman curry with beef, penang curry with chicken, stir-fried basil with pork, and pad mee leung with chicken. We finished with sticky rice and lychees. We ran into one of our new friends from NYE (dirk) at the restaurant.

We tried to get up early this morning to climb lion’s head, but there are low clouds, so we’re just going to track down some breakfast and drive to Plettenberg Bay, which should take 6 or 7 hours. Thankfully we have tons of podcasts (both NPR and In Our Time) to listen to.


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