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Resort time

So…the funny thing about being at a resort and doing very little other than lying on the beach (in the shade, obviously) reading between meals is that time rather collapses. It’s been a few days since I posted, but there’s not been all that much going on to put together an update. Here’s my best effort:

On Monday: Andrew went water skiing. In the process, he lost one of his contacts. That’s bad in the short term for obvious reasons, but good in the long term because he’s finally agreed to have his eyes lasered. He also stepped on a sea urchin, which put two spines into his left food. He had to go to the¬†infirmary¬†so they could pull them out. He was much less complainy about it than I would have been.

On Tuesday: We went snorkeling. Which was fun, but my back got a little sunburned despite putting on waterproof SPF 30. Oh well. It’s already just tan, so it wasn’t a real sunburn. We saw lots of cool fish, but the coral itself wasn’t nearly as pretty as when we snorkeled at the Blue Hole near Dahab.

Today (Wednesday): We hired a driver to take us all over the island. We went to the botanical gardens (to see the ivy, obviously). Then we went to The Adventure of Sugar, where we learned more about sugar than we ever needed to know. Also a lot about the history of Mauritius. I, for example, didn’t know this is where dodos had lived. Please can someone genetically re-engineer them? Also that there were no native inhabitants. So that was pretty cool. There was TONS to read though. And, at the recommendation of the BA High Life magazine, we went to the attached restaurant, which was good though the service wasn’t great. Andrew had tuna carpaccio and a local sausage dish. I had an aubergine/mozarella thing and then a dry curry with local venison (was this chicken born on this plate? because if it’s any less local than that I can’t eat it).

After lunch we headed to Port Louis, where we visited an old British fort, and the market, and then took the scenic route over the mountains back to the hotel. Now we’re just chilling out before dinner.

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