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Today I went swimming in the Indian Ocean. My wedding ring slipped off when I was in about 4 feet of water. It fell into the sand and disappeared from view. I tried to reach down and feel it, but I couldn’t find it in the sand. And Andrew was about 40 yards away on his lounger, and there were no clear demarcations of place and there was a decent current going. I didn’t want to shout for him, because I didn’t want people to think I was a swimmer in distress. So I just stood there muttering “fuck fuck fuck” under my breach and hoping he would notice that I was standing there and then come say hi and then go get me a snorkel and mask and I would try to find the ring.

After about 20 minutes, he did. Before he even got to the water’s edge, he noticed the sheepish look on my face, pointed to his own ring, and headed off to the boat house.

There then commenced another 20 minutes of fruitless searching before we all but gave up hope. Andrew stayed in the water and kept feeling around with his feet while I returned the snorkel and mask. The boat house was just closing up, and the two guys running it offered to come help.

By this point, though, we’d trampled so much of the sand (and no doubt been carried downstream a certain amount by the current), so they searched and searched without much hope.

And then they found it. They found my wedding ring. Against all the odds. I gave each of them  €50. I hope they convert it to rupeees before euros are totally worthless.

I can’t really remember anything else that happened today, if you’ll believe that, but I am now thoroughly impressed by Lux Resorts.

One other reason I love this resort: they have enough power sockets.

There are also two sockets on each side of our (very comfortable) bed. Win.

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