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So far on this trip, we’ve not had more than 3 days in one place. This has been good for Andrew, who likes to have new things to do, but it doesn’t satisfy my deep desire to do absolutely nothing. In my daily life I spend so much time doing things (rushing places and moving around and getting sh*t done) that I really do value some down time on holiday. Reading for hours at a time. Maybe going to the gym every morning before breakfast and taking a nap every afternoon.

What’s that you say? It sounds like Oxford? Yes, I suppose you’re right: it does. Remind me again why I didn’t take a fourth year to finish my D.Phil.

Anyway, today we left South Africa for Mauritius. We got up at 6am and Rita took us back to the airport. We hung out in the lounge for a bit, and then went to get Andrew some new sunglasses. The flight was long, but BA gave us each a deck of cards to pass the time, so I’m going to (finally) teach Andrew to play Grandpa’s Game, our family version of solitaire, which is awesome.

We arrived and my cheapness paid off, since the group transfer I bought ahead of time actually ended up being a private transfer. I’m very glad we didn’t rent a car, because the roads here are awfully narrow and full of people and animals. So that worked out.

Something else that worked out? The resort we had booked burned down (oops), and so they gave us a choice of 4 other hotels to stay at. A quick tripadvisor search led me to the Beau Rivage but since then it’s been refurbished and brought under Lux Resorts as the Belle Mare. Turns out it’s pretty awesome, even though we seem to be the ONLY gay couple here.

Rather boring evening. We went to dinner at the resort’s Indochinese restaurant (wait? dinner was included in our room price? sweet!) and then sent off our dirty clothes to be washed, and now we’re about to watch Portlandia.


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