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A bit of a downer

Brief update today. It was our only full day in Johannesburg, so we made the most of it by sleeping in until 10. We went to breakfast on the terrace (fruit and then pancakes for both of us). The view over the northern suburbs was lovely. Then we went to the gym. Then Keats came […]

Onward to Joburg

So begins the penultimate leg of our honeymoon. Today we flew from Cape Town up to Johannesburg. We’re here for two nights before we head to Mauritius on Saturday. We got up at about 8 and read for a little bit before packing and then heading to breakfast. We’ll miss Franschhoek a lot, but move […]

So so high

I’m a morning person, but there are limits. We got up at 4am today to go hot air ballooning. Andrew, being worried that we WOULDN’T get up at 4am, set an alarm and a backup alarm even though the woman who runs Wineland Ballooning promised to give us a wakeup call to let us know […]

Franschhoek may be paradise

I’ve always wondered whether I prefer a mountain village or a beach town. This morning that was settled decisively in favour of the mountain village. It could be an unfair battle, since the view from our room here at La Petite Ferme is breathtakingly beautiful. But our view from The Clarendon in Cape Town was […]

To the wine country (A guest blog from Andrew)

Anthony has grown bored of all this blogging so I shall write up what we did today. After a final breakfast at the guest house (I got the french toast again, and Anthony had the scrambled eggs), we packed and then headed to the beach in Capt Town one last time, to Clifton 3 (where […]

Like a sandblaster

Today we took a beautiful drive, but we also got sandblasted and ate at a place that sounds like an American all-you-can-eat buffet. Having been regularly thwarted by clouds in our efforts to visit Table Mountain, today we decided to head south. First we had breakfast at the hotel–have I mentioned the view is Amazing? […]

And high-fives were exchanged

After a late start today, we hauled ourselves down to a spa to get groomed. Andrew got a hot towel shave, and I got both my hair and my face trimmed. Both of us got these weird wax things in our noses and ears which pulled out almost all the hairs. It was pretty great. […]

Back in Cape Town

Another late one last night, so I’m posting this morning. We got up relatively early yesterday and had our breakfast at the hotel before packing it all up and into the car and headed off for Cape Town. This, as some of you will know, is a 6 hour drive. And since Andrew had driven […]

Up in the trees

We slept in today. In fact, I got in trouble for letting Andrew sleep in while I read The Art of Racing in the Rain. But he looked to be enjoying his sleep so so much. Anyway, he ended up waking at 10.30, well after when the hotel stopped serving breakfast. We drove to Stormsriver […]

Relaxing morning, strenuous afternoon

We got up early today to go sea kayaking, but it was too windy, so we changed plans. We had breakfast in the hotel (omelet with sausage and cheese along with 2 breakfast sandwiches for Andrew, scrambled eggs and bacon for me), then we went down to the central beach in Plett, where we learned […]